Hygienic Fluid Handling

ThinkTop® Rethought. Intuitive and fast.

6,522 views 2019.05.27.

After decades of collected data and field work experience, we are now excited to introduce the...

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Alfa Laval as your pharma and biotech partner

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At Alfa Laval, we believe in creating better everyday conditions for the Pharma & Biotech...

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

Alfa Laval is Pharma & Biotech - Story of how it started

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We, at Alfa Laval, believe in creating better everyday conditions for the Pharma Biotech...

Hygienic Fluid Handling

Free Rotating Retractor | How clean are your ducts? 1x1

20 views 2024.01.17.

Innovative and resource-efficient, this wall-mounted cleaning device helps you adapt to a...


Make more using less with Hygienic line

94 views 2023.11.17.

Introducing the HL12, part of Alfa Laval Hygienic line - taking food safety to a higher level....


Bringing the production of exceptional olive oil to new...

93 views 2023.11.06.

Olive oil booster video with Sacco Oliveti customer in Italy.


The next evolution of Contherm_Webinar_EN.mp4

80 views 2023.10.24.

In this webinar, Alfa Laval’s Contherm® experts introduce the latest developments towards a more...


Case story: BASF

136 views 2023.09.19.


Join the evolution of hygienic heat exchangers

74 views 2023.09.04.

Just as plate patterns have developed over the years so have thermal efficiency and cleanability,...


Hygienic heat exchangers and the evolution of efficiency

520 views 2023.09.04.

Thinner plates are more thermally efficient. Are they also less durable? Not when you rely on...