Webinar: Beer Concentration with RevosTM – The Future of Beer Production and Distribution 2

2021.10.05. beer production
Alfa Laval has recently acquired the innovative American company, Sandymount Technologies, which has developed the unique Revos system for the concentration of beer and other beverages. The system uses a high-pressure, low-temperature reverse-osmosis process to remove water from the beer while retaining the alcohol, aromas and flavours. The concentrate is then later reconstituted, either in bulk packaging facilities, where it is bottled, canned or kegged, or at a venue such as a bar, where it is served using a unique Draft Dispense system, also developed by Sandymount. The system can be used both to concentrate standard beer and other beverages, and to remove alcohol and water to produce non-alcoholic beer concentrates, with a clean ethanol-water by product, which can be used as a base for hard seltzer and other beverages. The technology therefore allows the user to adopt a concentrate-based supply chain that reduces packaging and shipping costs, and improves convenience for its customers, while simplifying delivery logistics and reducing the environmental impact of the beverage distribution system.