Improve beer stability and quality with Flexitherm Mini - Jackie O's Pub & Brewery case story


The stability and quality of beer is at the top of the agenda for brewers. According to Art Oestrike, president at Jackie O's, "Barrel ageing beers is a fickle business. […] A year and a half after packaging [the beers], they start to turn sour. They don't taste good."

This is where Flexitherm™ comes into play to "flip the barrel ageing programme on its head", in the words of Oestrike. Flexitherm is an automatic pasteurization machine for beer pasteurization. It uses a pasteurization method that eliminates microbiological spoilage, achieves the right pasteurization temperature and preserves the quality and shelf life of beer and other carbonated drinks over a variable flow range. 

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Jackie O's was started in late 2005 as a small brewpub in Athens, Ohio. They've grown into a production brewery, and today you can find their products in Europe and all over the USA.

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