Alfa Laval TJ40G rotary jet head – change parts using major service kit | 360° Service & Maintenance video

In this Alfa Laval 360° Service & Maintenance video, we will demonstrate how to change parts on the Alfa Laval TJ40G rotary jet head tank-cleaning device using a major service kit. With Alfa Laval service you maximize the reliability and uptime of your equipment. The result is superior performance throughout the equipment life cycle – performance that puts you ahead of competition.

We recommend to inspect the TJ40G every 500 hours. Typically for the first 500 hours only the Minor Service Kit parts are used. The Minor Service Kit consist of: 2 Gear Wheels in Peek, 4 pcs. O-rings, 2 pcs. Bearings, 1 pcs. Bushings.

After another 500 hours some of the Major Service Kit parts are typically due for replacement. The Major Service Kit consist of Minor Service Kit + 2 pcs. Ball Race, 2 pcs. Ball Retainer with Balls, 1 pcs. Hub Nut, 1 pcs. Stem Nut.

Notice that all the Minor Service Kit parts are elastomers or polymers.

All of the parts that go into the Major Service Kit are metals except Ball Retainer which is a polymer.